Apr 28, 2016 9:45 AM

Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs

As with everything surrounding the cannabis plant, the question of whether it helps keep our lungs healthy is still rather controversial. Many scientists studied the effects that smoking or vaporizing marijuana can have on us. The results show that there are both positive and negative consequences.

In this article, we will address different questions of medical impact on our respiratory systems—the capacity of stoner's lungs being one of the most frequently asked.

The impact of marijuana on our health is one of the most debated questions. The fact that the most common way of consuming marijuana is smoking has led to many discussions associated with this group of health risks. As with smoking common cigarettes, the act of consuming weed also concerns our lungs the most. However, the way cannabis affects us is more complicated and cannot be narrowed down to the only point of lung capacity.

Is It All Negative?

There are many sides to the question. It turns out that cannabis can actually have some positive effects on our respiratory systems.

Overall, all those studies that have been conducted during the recent years prove that there are more positive sides to consuming marijuana than there are negative ones. The question whether the respiratory system benefits from it or not is still a bit of a head-scratcher. Many people cough when they smoke weed for the first time. Sometimes, even experienced stoners may cough for some reason. That is why cannabis is believed to influence our lungs negatively. However, what is actually wrong with the process is either your smoking technique or the quality of herbs.

First of all, try to make smaller hits to get used to the process. That way, your lungs will stay perfectly healthy. Another factor that causes coughing are your shallow breaths—in this case, the smoke stays in your throat and irritates it. Inhale it deeply into your lungs and the process will be pleasurable. Try to buy only high-quality weed and avoid any questionable providers. If nothing else helps, just change your way of consuming marijuana. Maybe your lungs are not made for that.

Lung Capacity

Eliminating the negative effect of coughing, we are left with the positive side of smoking weed. Believe it or not, it may actually increase your lung capacity.

A few years ago, a study showed that smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking tobacco. It was a scrutinous study that had been held for almost 20 years. It was conducted by a professor at the University of California—Mark J. Pletcher. The data was thoroughly examined, and the scientist discovered a very interesting fact—marijuana smokers have bigger lung capacity than their non-smoking counterparts. The capacity of the regular stoners' lungs is 1.6 percent greater. It may seem not much; it is only 50 millimeters. However, that is opposite of what tobacco does to us.

Besides, the study also showed that the results were dose-related. Adults who smoked the most had a bigger increase of the capacity. This is a very impressive statement. The more you smoke, the more powerful your lungs are. The most important of all is that occasional marijuana use does not have any adverse effects on your pulmonary function.

So you may smoke weed and not worry about your lungs.

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