Jan 16, 2017 12:10 PM

Does Marijuana Help Anxiety? New Study Casts Doubt

Cannabis' ability to alleviate anxiety symptoms is a controversial question. There are studies that show no link between the use of marijuana and anxiety development, and there are studies suggesting that medical cannabis may be used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. One of the latest studies, however, shows that while cannabis may give a temporary relief, it does not help combat anxiety and depression in the long-term.

It does not work the way you think it works

A group of scientists conducted a study, trying to discover the relationship between marijuana use and measures of depression and anxiety. The study surveyed 178 people who used cannabis to self-treat depression or anxiety.

Study Disproves Belief That Cannabis Leads to Depression or Anxiety
Study Disproves Belief That Cannabis Leads to Depression or Anxiety
Despite recent progress in marijuana legalization, there are still many negative stereotypes about cannabis that withhold people from using this plant.

All the participants completed several questionnaires. Curiously, the survey showed that people who used marijuana as a depression treatment scored lower for anxiety symptoms compared to depression symptoms. The participants who used weed to treat their anxiety, on the other hand, appeared to feel less depressed.

It means that when someone was using marijuana for self-medication, it was not helping the way the person expected it to help. Furthermore, the researchers suggest that marijuana may be an effective treatment for depression or anxiety, but only in the beginning. At some point, however, the plant stops helping and may even worsen the symptoms.

Science Proves Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety
Science Proves Benefits of CBD Oil for Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most common diseases in the world that afflicts more than 40 million people only in the U.S. Thanks to the studies conducted internationally over the past years, researchers have proved the positive effect of CBD oil for anxiety and other diseases.

Still, the researchers admit that they need more data in order to understand the way cannabis affects human brain and if the plant works differently for different individuals. And considering the fact that all the participants used marijuana for self-medication and all the responses were self-reported, the results of the survey are not quite representative.

But most importantly, when it comes to medical marijuana, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and other conditions may be effectively treated only if you use the right weed strain. So, choose your weed wisely and you may get better results!

Does Weed Help With Anxiety? Top Ten Strains to Relieve Symptoms
Does Weed Help With Anxiety? Top Ten Strains to Relieve Symptoms
The relationship between medical marijuana and anxiety is not simple. Some people may feel stress, worries, and tension going away already after the first puff, while others experience worsening of the anxious state and may even have panic attacks.
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