Apr 7, 2016 5:55 PM

Does CBD Get You High?

The majority of marijuana strains on today's market have a high or relatively high THC level. The higher the level, the richer the effect. But what does CBD even mean?

Though CBD may look totally useless in recreational marijuana consuming, it actually plays at least two important roles. First, it reduces the negative effects of THC, and second, it has a wide range of medical benefits.

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

There are more than 85 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, but the most prevalent are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both of them appear inside the trichomes (the resin glands) of the female marijuana plants. Both of them interact with the human endocannabinoid system, though in very different ways.

According to one of the studies, CBD has a number of therapeutic properties that can help in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, and inflammation. The research also claims that CBD has very effective anti-psychotic properties that are totally opposite to the psychotropic effect of THC. If we look back on 2006, we can find a study that suggested the CBD compound also had an anxiolytic effect on the human mind.

These properties of cannabidiol come in handy in balancing the side-effects of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, especially when it comes to high doses of the compound, is a potential factor of developing mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, due to the psychotropic effect of THC. At the same time, CBD treatment is known to be effective for this kind of disorders.

The reason CBD protects marijuana users from the side-effects of THC can be in its ability to block some of the CB1 receptors so that THC has no access to interact with them.

CBD can tronger the high effect is, the stronger your hunger becomes. At the same time, CBD is known for its ability to reduce appetite.

So, as you can see, though THC and CBD can be found in the same plant of marijuana, they interact with the brain in absolutely different ways. Therefore, if the strain for recreational use is well-balanced, the marijuana consumer can get the high effect with minimum side effects.

CBD as Medical Treatment

As we have mentioned above, CBD has lots of medical benefits. The topic of using marijuana as a medical treatment became viral after the story with Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte was a small girl who suffered from a severe form of epilepsy named Dravet syndrome. The child experienced long, intense seizures of the whole body; these convulsions often went on and on for a few hours. While most of the medications were simply helpless, the others provided strong side-effects that only worsened the situation. And only after the doctors said they could not offer anything else, Charlotte's parents decided to get the illegal CBD concentrate that unexpectedly worked better than any other pharmaceutical treatment. Medical marijuana literally saved the girl's life.

Today, high-CBD strains can be found in almost every dispensary in the marijuana-friendly states. Unfortunately, there were no studies conducted on the long-term impact of the CBD compound on the human mind and body. It is also not really clear how exactly CBD interacts with the receptors to stop the seizures.

What we know for sure is that CBD has an enormous potential to ease a number of health problems. Apart from schizophrenia and epilepsy, CBD can also alleviate stress, depression, and anxious states, combat tumor and cancer cells, ease neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders and many more symptoms and conditions.

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