Jun 11, 2016 9:10 AM

Do Not Do This When High: 5 Things Stoners Hate

Marijuana devotees are usually rather broadminded and do not judge other people for their habits. However, even the stoners can be intolerant when it comes to some actions. Here is the list of five things we really hate.

It does not matter if you are a marijuana patient, who have recently got a weed card or an experienced cannabis user, who knows everything about pot. There is a marijuana etiquette, to which every weed enthusiast should strive to adhere to.

Jokes About Cops

No one will ever smoke weed with a person, who likes to yell cops “for fun.” Do not even think about crying cops without a very good reason, because you never know what hurt it may do. In addition to making your friends hate you and consequently losing the company to smoke pot with, you can also get yourself into trouble. Remember, joking about cops is bad. It is much the same as pretending that you have lost the weed or calling someone’s parents just for a joke. Do not also forget that telling lies about what type of weed you offer to smoke may come to no good.

Photographers Are Not Allowed

If you are a person who enjoys making photos of everything around you, it is better for you to enjoy cannabis alone or leave your phone at home. Stoners hate people who take pictures of the pot smoking process. Moreover, they will become very angry if you put these photos on social media. There are some marijuana devotees, who do not think about others, and everything seems very funny to them. However, always remember that people you are smoking cannabis with may have problems with their family or job if they are caught red-handed. Moreover, even if you smoke pot with people who are not afraid of being caught, it is very likely that they do not want to inform everyone about their hobby. So, do not take pictures of everything you see and just enjoy the high.

Do Not Waste Weed

In case you do not know how to smoke pot, it is better for you to learn by yourself. The stoners hate people who waste their weed by, for instance, blowing the bowl out instead of sucking it in. Finally, if your friends share their weed with you, do not disappoint them.

Do Not Salivate

You probably know that pot smokers have to live with a process of licking papers to seal them, but that is it. If you have problems with salivating after a hit, do not ever pass anything wet to your friend. Stoners just hate this. Take some time to dry your lips before hitting the joint once again. Believe us; it will not irritate anyone unless you take too long to do it.

You Are Not The Only One

It is a very good idea to share emotions with your smoking mates. It will make them understand whether you liked the weed or not. Of course, you can say how high you already are, but obsess about it and always remember to listen to people around you. If you are constantly telling everyone how high you are, people tend to get irritated and bored with you very easily.

It is also important not to forget that nobody likes when the stoned person starts to play up. Some pot smokers think that it is okay to mock overly charged up people, but it is not. Nobody likes such jokes. The things will get even worse if you decide to punch somebody just for fun.

Even if you do not recognize yourself in the picture we painted in this article, please, stay cool and never become such a person. Peace!

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