May 16, 2017 12:05 PM

Dangers for Medical Cannabis Patients: Look Closer at Products You Buy

As the cannabis industry has not fully developed yet, not all states have mandatory systems of consumer safety requirements. It is crucial to be able to choose the goods that are completely safe for us, especially for those people who use marijuana for medical purposes.

Though most places today are ready to provide their customers with official certificates on their products, it is always better to be cautious. Do not be afraid to be picky. Choosing quality cannabis products is crucial for your health.

There are some products that medical patients should avoid.

First of all, if you buy buds, make sure that they are fresh and do not have mold. During a recent study, it was revealed that about 90 percent of the examined flowers had some kind of harmful pathogens on them. If you know a place where weed goes through a proper laboratory inspection, stick to it. In case you have no information about the safety of the herb, examine it yourself. Make sure that the buds do not have visible gray, white, or black fuzz. Smell the flowers—if they are musty, do not buy them.

When cultivating the plant at home, check your growing room. It has to be clean, dry, well-ventilated, and animal-free. Touch the products only with clean hands.

How to Save Your Marijuana Plants From Mold
How to Save Your Marijuana Plants From Mold
To grow weed successfully, any grower worth their salt should manage three key problems: chemical contamination, pests, and mold.You can keep pests from appearing in your garden by checking everything you bring into the growing room and filtering the air.

The second danger of cannabis products lies in the vaporizer cartridges. Some of them were revealed to contain toxic additives, for example, propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. They are normally safe to consume; however, when heated and inhaled, these thinners may be dangerous for you. Of course, it should be mentioned that both these substances release toxins at temperatures higher than the average vape pen can reach. Yet, when you press the heating button for too long, the hard draws you take increase the temperature.

Do not refuse from using cartridges—not all of them are bad. You just have to look at the components closely.

Are You Ready to Buy Vape Pen?
Are You Ready to Buy Vape Pen?
There are many ways of consuming marijuana. One of the most popular is vaporizing. Recently, a new kind of vaporizers has appeared on the market—vape pens. So, what are they and where can you buy a vape pen?

If you want to replace them with something else, resort to vegetable glycerin and MCT oils.

You should also look out for other chemicals that are dangerous when heated and inhaled. Myclobutanil, just like the previous two additives, is completely safe when used orally. However, when smoked, it transforms into hydrogen cyanide, which is extremely toxic for us. Moreover, when consumed in high amounts, it can be fatal.

Be extra careful when buying cannabis extractions. High-quality products have to have a pleasant smell, taste, and even look. Often, BHO and other concentrates acquire a deep brown coloring; it means that they are not good. It often happens that medical marijuana consumers have compromised immune systems and cannot withstand environmental toxins. Depending on the extraction, the discolored substances may or may not contain harmful levels of residual solvents. Just like with searching for dank buds, make sure that the product you want to buy has been laboratory tested.

To find high-quality medicine, look for those extracts that have an amber or golden coloring. The shade may be a little darker but not muddy, lumpy, or burnt looking.

What is the best option then? What can we do to avoid all these harmful products? The most obvious answer is to grow organic marijuana yourself and make sure that it does not contain anything unnecessary.

Look at the following article for advice on how to grow weed organically.

How to Grow Organic Cannabis
How to Grow Organic Cannabis
For many cannabis users, consuming organic marijuana is essential. Regardless of whether you use it for medicinal or recreational purposes, it is not fun to risk your health buying the product from an untrusted source. That is why it can be so important to have a reliable seller who can give you organic weed or to get the skills necessary for growing cannabis organically at home.
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