Aug 26, 2016 9:35 AM

Colorado Campaign Wants Adults to Explain Cannabis to Kids

To keep kids away from cannabis, Colorado’s Health Department has devised a new strategy. According to the new approach, adults should talk to kids and explain to them the dangers of underage marijuana consumption.

To make adults in Colorado do the responsible thing and talk to kids, the Colorado’s Health Department started a targeted advertising campaign. The goal of this campaign is to get through to parents and other people they call “trusted adults”—teachers, coaches, and other adults in positions of direct authority over kids.

As indicated by the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (a survey of Colorado public school students conducted every odd year), parents' position on cannabis is a significant factor in their children's decision on whether to consume cannabis.

Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
​After analyzing the latest survey results, Colorado researchers have concluded that cannabis use among the state's teenagers remains flat.

Colorado’s Health Department says (and the World Health Organization agrees) that early cannabis use could disrupt normal brain development and lead to negative consequences in adulthood. As with alcohol, even if the parents are consuming cannabis themselves, it is their responsibility to protect their children from weed until the children in question are old enough to make their own decisions on this matter. In the case with medical marijuana, of course, it is up to the medical professionals to evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of any therapy that involves cannabis before starting the treatment.

WHO Explains Neurobiology of Recreational Cannabis Use
WHO Explains Neurobiology of Recreational Cannabis Use
Recently, the World Health Organization published a report titled “The health and social effects of non-medical cannabis use”—the first in the last twenty years.

Colorado's government has some experience with public outreach campaigns such as this one. According to the local media, some of these campaigns were more successful than others; the general rule here seems to be that scare tactics do not work very well while a lighter tone and a humorous approach can often be effective.

It is also important to note that all these cannabis education activities are paid for with marijuana taxes.

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