Feb 20, 2017 12:10 PM

Colorado Approves Using Hemp in Animal Feed Study

Hemp has been used in the production of textiles, paper, and cordage for hundreds of years. Currently, it is usually cultivated as a source of raw materials that can be transformed into many products. Hemp flowers and seeds are used in organic body care, numerous kinds of health foods, and the light industry. The agricultural sector is also likely to benefit from hemp cultivation: Colorado authorities have recently approved a study on hemp animal feed.

Last Tuesday, the Senate of Colorado passed a bill that would allow farmers to feed their livestock with hemp. The new bill would direct the Colorado Department of Agriculture to study the possibility of allowing cultivators to use hemp for feeding animals.

Hemp, also called industrial hemp, is one of the most widespread varieties of the cannabis plant. Although both cannabis and hemp come from the same species, they are genetically distinct and have many differences. Industrial hemp will not get anyone high because it contains less than 1% of the psychoactive THC.

The federal government allowed farmers to use hemp under limited circumstances in early 2014. A similar bill was passed in Washington in 2015. However, agricultural authorities in Colorado still hesitate on the safety of using hemp in poultry feed, saying there is not enough research on whether THC could be passed on to the birds.

Despite all the disputes on the measure, the new bill is now moving to the House.

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