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Cannabis Topicals: THC vs. CBD

While cannabis topicals are not as popular as joints or marijuana-infused sweets, they can be of great value, especially for the people who use marijuana for medical purposes. Creams and lotions infused with cannabis allow you to use the plant discreetly and get the effects almost immediately, which is extremely important when you are dealing with severe pain. Plus, there are a lot of cannabis-infused beauty products that may help you improve the way you feel and look.

Topicals, edibles, or buds: which one to choose?

There are many ways you can medicate with the help of cannabis. Smoking and vaping are the most common and popular ones: this way you can feel the full range of marijuana effects on both your body and your mind. Plus, the effects hit you almost immediately.

Marijuana edibles work pretty much the same way the joints do: they affect your mind as well as your body. The main difference between smoking and eating cannabis is the time it takes for you to start feeling anything. In contrast to smoking or vaping weed, it may take you up to an hour before you feel the first effects from eating marijuana-infused edibles. This is why determining the right dosage of weed edibles may be a bit more difficult for novice weed users.

Cannabis topicals, however, work differently. A pot lotion or cream affects only the area that you have applied it on. Plus, even if you use a high-THC cream, you will not experience any mind-altering side-effects. As a result, you can use the full medicinal potential of both THC and CBD, as well as other cannabinoids in marijuana, without the fear of overdose.

Useful Properties of Cannabis Cream
Useful Properties of Cannabis Cream
​Everyone knows that keeping skin healthy is quite important. Our skin regulates body temperature, synthesizes vitamin D, and protects the internal organs. Various types of glands and cells help our skin function in a proper way.

THC vs. CBD: Which one works better?

THC is one of the most famous chemical compounds found in marijuana. This very cannabinoid is responsible for getting you high when you consume marijuana. But along with its mind-altering effect, THC has a lot of medicinal effects as well. And cannabis topicals give you an opportunity to benefit from using THC without any unpleasant consequences.

When it comes to combating severe pain or inflammation, THC is what gives marijuana its anti-inflammatory effects. THC can intercept the communication between your body and your brain, making the latter “believe” that your body does not feel the pain anymore.

THC and CBD: Friendship or Rivalry?
THC and CBD: Friendship or Rivalry?
Nowadays, the THC chemical structure and effects have already been thoroughly explored, while new findings on the CBD features make scientists prefer CBD over THC. Read this article to clarify how these two marijuana components complement or differ from each other.

What conditions can you treat with the help of cannabis topicals?

Cannabis is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Since cannabis salves, creams, and balms provide localized effects, they work best for the conditions accompanied by pain and inflammation.

What Cannabis Topicals Can Help You With Arthritis?
What Cannabis Topicals Can Help You With Arthritis?
Over 50 million people in the world suffer from arthritis, a condition that usually affects joints, causes severe pain, swelling and stiffness along with a decrease of motion range. If you are one of these people, cannabis might be the safe and natural alternative you have been searching for.

For example, instead of consuming cannabis oil for treating psoriasis, you can use it as a lotion. Cannabis oil or cream may help both reduce the dermal irritation and improve the general state of your skin. And if you are dealing with psoriatic arthritis, high-THC lotion will also ease the pain and help your muscles relax a bit.

You can use cannabis-infused topicals for managing nearly any condition that causes you pain, including arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches, and migraines. But always remember to consult your doctor before adding any cannabis products to your treatment regimen.

5 High-CBD Marijuana Topicals for Deep Relaxation
5 High-CBD Marijuana Topicals for Deep Relaxation
Treating your skin with natural remedies is not only a trend in skincare but also a highly beneficial lifestyle. High-CBD marijuana topicals combine all the best of cannabis and other herbs to make your skin smooth and radiant. Thanks to the high concentration of CBD, the following five marijuana topicals can also relax your muscles and relieve pain.
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