Jul 3, 2016 9:20 AM

Cannabis Is Our Future

The popularity of cannabis is constantly rising. More and more states come to the legalization of medical marijuana every year. This wave of popularity will inevitably alter the industry in the future—drastic changes await us. The following are the ways that medical cannabis will be a part of our future life.

Fundamental research

Marijuana enthusiasts are constantly pressing the point that cannabis has to be studied more scrutinously. That is why the future will bring us many studies on the matter of medical marijuana influence. Though now the lack of drug trials are a major obstacle on the way to introducing cannabis on a federal level, the evidence of the plant's effectiveness is immense.

Even today, numerous studies are being conducted outside of the U.S. And we will see even more successful trials soon enough. The constant discoveries of the benefits that medical cannabis use provides in different areas of medicine push forward the further research.

WHO Report: 20 Years of Cannabis Research in One Article
WHO Report: 20 Years of Cannabis Research in One Article
Since the first state to legalize recreational weed was announced, a lot of controversial information about the effects of weed on your health has appeared out there.

Innovation Boom

We are already experiencing the beginning of an innovation boom in the cannabis industry. For example, our parents and older weed connoisseurs knew only a few kinds of cannabis-infused edibles among which were the simplest types like cookies, brownies, etc. Today, we already have weed popcorn, lollipops, coffee, and even honey. All of them are easy ways to consume medical cannabis without the need to smoke it.

Besides, there are so many types of marijuana concentrates that even experienced users can be confused. We are sure that modern manufacturers are going to present us with something new very soon.

In terms of the cannabis industry, innovation knows no barriers. In addition to various edibles, the 420 accessories market is developing rapidly. The design and functionality of modern glassware are impressive, as well as the new technologies.

Another recent innovation is the world of medical cannabis are transdermal patches that release THC through the skin. A few years ago, we could not even imagine that these things were possible. Who knows what technologies await us in the future.

Here are some innovations that can be developed soon enough:

Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future
Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future
The future of marijuana is almost upon us. The innovations in the weed tech world continue to wow the enthusiasts across the nation, and nothing suggests that the progress will slow anytime soon.

Cannabis Pills

While edibles and vaporizers are the most frequently used ways to consume medical cannabis nowadays, scientists still believe that pills are more beneficial in terms of delivering a precise dosage of cannabinoids to our bodies. Cannabis capsules and time-released pills will help doctors determine how much active medicine their patient receives.

Besides, slow-release capsules will ensure that the dose of medicine is more consistent, which is very helpful to patients. This way, just one dose will be enough for the whole day for some people, and they will not have to take several pills a day.

Direct Hit

As we all know, there are many types of chemical compounds hidden in the plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids. As there are major differences in all diseases, each one of them responds better to a certain type of cannabinoids. Some conditions should be treated with non-psychoactive CBD—a bright example is epilepsy. Besides, as this condition is widespread among children, it is necessary to choose the right cannabinoids that will do no harm to young bodies. Other conditions may respond better to THC or even the mixture of the two of them.

That is why, in the future, further research will determine the details of the necessary treatment and help target it with more accuracy.

Advanced Regulation

With the spread of medical marijuana, the changes in regulatory measures are bound to follow. Accurate regulation is a necessary tool to control and maintain the quality of drugs, the safe use among patients, etc. Without it, the future development of medical marijuana is impossible. However, some successful regulatory measures are already introduced in the states where medical weed has been legalized. Though some of them need to be improved, we still have time for the further development.

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