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Can You Get Hangover From Weed?

A hangover is usually associated with alcohol and other drugs consumption, while marijuana users are believed to be free of these aftereffects. However, some of them report experiencing hangover symptoms after consuming THC. So, can marijuana cause a hangover? And what can science tell us on this matter?

Controversial Studies on Cannabis Hangover

Though many studies were conducted on this issue, most of them resulted in quite controversial findings. Researchers have divided into two groups regarding the hangover from weed: some of them claim that cannabis hangovers are real, while other do not agree with it.

The earliest study on this subject was carried out in 1985. After analyzing the morning condition of 13 participants, Chait et al. came to the conclusion that cannabis smoking could cause hangover effects on the next morning, but their further determination was required.

Another study was published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 1990. Heishman et al. also found that marijuana use could lead to residual effects that last up to 24 hours after smoking.

A 1995 study by Pope et al. not only showed the possibility of hangover in weed users but also determined its common symptoms, which included temporal reduction of attention, short-term memory loss, and psychomotor dysfunction.

Wadsworth et al. investigated how cannabis hangovers influence pot users at work. The researchers tested the participants' cognitive performance, errors, and mood, and discovered that marijuana could cause a hangover effect that may increase with every time the person consumes weed.

In contrast, there are some studies, the authors of which disproved the previous findings or received opposite results.

For instance, Chait, L.D. conducted a study on the matter and found no evidence of a cannabis hangover that is similar to that reported after the use of alcohol or other substances.

In addition, Fant et al. came to the similar conclusion after carrying out their 1998 research. The report published in the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior states that smoking one cigarette of cannabis does not lead to any residual effects.

The researchers have not reached the same conclusion yet, and it should be noted that even the conducted studies are not reliable enough. All of them were limited by self-reported data of a small number of participants, and most of the studies used mild doses of marijuana.

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Weed Hangover Symptoms

However, some symptoms of a weed hangover can be determined based on the mentioned studies and anecdotal evidence from the reports on the web.

The list of possible physical symptoms includes the following:

  • Mild headache
  • Temporary nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Red eyes and dry mouth
  • Congestion

The possible cognitive symptoms may be the following:

  • Lack of attention
  • Reduction of short-term memory
  • Verbal expression impairments
  • Motor skills disorder
  • Prolonged high effect
  • Mathematical disabilities

All the mentioned symptoms are less prominent than in the case of alcohol hangover and are usually experienced by a small percentage of marijuana users. But what are the reasons of cannabis hangovers?

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Weed Hangover Reasons

A marijuana hangover may be caused by different factors depending on your tolerance, weed quality, and the way you consume it. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • You have no tolerance to marijuana yet. Some newbies may experience a hangover effect in the morning, but it usually disappears when your system becomes more tolerant to weed.
  • Overdosing. A hangover may happen even with seasoned tokers if they ingest too much weed. So, be careful with your dosage and listen to your body needs.
  • Inappropriate way of consumption. There are a plethora of ways to use cannabis: vaping, dabbing, eating edibles, etc. Each of them may affect you differently, so opt for another method if you feel that the one you used results in morning aftereffects.
  • Low quality of weed. The cannabis quality may greatly influence your condition the next morning. You may not even feel anything close to a hangover if you try marijuana from a different batch.
  • Cannabis is not cured enough to be used. The process of curing the weed is very important for its quality and takes several weeks. Under-cured buds can be easily identified when you try to break them.
  • Residual pesticides and nutrients. Most cannabis producers use these chemicals to increase yields, but their amounts should be reasonable. Otherwise, consuming chemicals in addition to your weed can be a reason for some health problems.

In case you experience some aftereffects of marijuana, consider the reasons above and take appropriate measures.

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How to Cope With Marijuana Hangover

A weed hangover is not as severe as an alcohol one, so you can cure it quite fast using one or several of the following methods:

  • Drink a lot of liquid;
  • have enough sleep;
  • take a cold shower;
  • try to lose all the junk from last night in the restroom;
  • do physical exercises;
  • eat a big meal with a lot of juice, or
  • take a breath of fresh air.

A weed hangover is not long-lasting, so you will feel better in a short time even if you do not take any recovery measures. However, everyone is different, and perhaps, it is better to see a doctor if your condition raises concerns.

If you have had a weed hangover in your life, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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