Jun 20, 2016 9:10 AM

Can Marijuana User Be a Donor?

Marijuana industry shows that it can be profitable for the community: it creates thousands of jobs, it opens alternative ways for treating severe conditions, it gives tax revenues that can be used to build new schools or grant scholarships, etc. But what about marijuana users? Is there anything they can do to serve their community?

Blood donation

Donating blood seems to be one of the most obvious answers to the question. But can marijuana use prevent a person from becoming a blood donor?

According to a recent investigation conducted by Leafly, the answer is no. Technically, as long as you are not under the influence of marijuana or alcohol (read—you are not high or drunk), you can donate your blood. The major requirements remain the same for all donors, whether they use weed or not: a donor should be generally healthy and not have any infectious diseases, like HIV or hepatitis. It is also important for you to be well-rested and feel well on the day of donating.

You should also keep in mind that although your local Blood Drive Center may not ban you from donating your blood, they may ask you to wait from 48 to 72 hours after consuming marijuana to make sure there is no THC in your system.

Sperm and egg donation

If giving somebody a chance to have children is what you want to do, using marijuana may be a significant obstacle. Although the donor selection criteria may differ from center to center, usually, marijuana users are forbidden to donate genetic material.

For instance, according to Fertility SOURCE Companies' requirements, a potential egg donor should be a non-smoker of both marijuana and tobacco. NW Cryobank has the same selection criteria, banning tobacco and/or cannabis users from donating their genetic material.

Organ donation

Just as in the case with genetic material donations, when it comes to donating organs, the living donor selection criteria may differ between various organizations. At the UC Davis Transplant Center, for example, one of the major requirements for a potential donor is to be a non-user of any illicit drugs, including marijuana.

Still, if you want to become a donor and save someone's life one day, you can consult a doctor at your local transplant center and see if your cannabis use will stop you from donating your organs or genetic material.

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