Sep 12, 2016 9:15 AM

Can Cannabis Make You a Bad Parent?

Many people still think that cannabis consumption makes you an awful person. Thus, in case you have a child, it makes you an even worse parent. Below is the list of most popular delusions about marijuana and parenting.

1. Pot Always Makes You Lazy

After a few puffs of weed, you will stop doing household chores, making dinner, and going to work and will become too lazy to perform all your duties. That is one of the most popular myths about cannabis consumption. However, pot actually does not prevent you from doing anything! Moreover, washing dishes could be a little more pleasurable after a little herb.

2. You Will Definitely Become Addicted

You can have a glass of wine every evening, and that will not make you an alcoholic. The same goes for weed. The majority of marijuana enthusiasts do not become addicted to it.

3. You Are Not a Responsible Adult If You Consume Weed

Is it true that most pot smokers are college students? No. About 49% of adults between 30 and 49 have tried marijuana. These people are entrepreneurs, parents, and community members who conscientiously fulfill their duties.

4. Weed Will Make You Dumb

Most people think that cannabis can destroy your brain cells, lower your IQ, and cause irreversible consequences in your brain. However, recent studies prove that cannabis can treat damaged cells and even help with some brain diseases. It is also worth mentioning that it is not going to harm your intelligence.

5. You Will Start Taking Heavier Drugs

In fact, the majority of weed users stop at just cannabis. However, weed is often used to stop taking more serious drugs, such as opioids.

6. You Will Transform Into a Weird Hippie

Many famous businessmen, sportsmen, and even politicians confess to cannabis consumption. Did any of them transform into weird hippies? You know the answer.

7. You May Commit a Crime

There is no evidence to the connection between consuming weed and committing a crime. Furthermore, cannabis often makes you relaxed, sleepy, and calm.

8. Your Children Will Start Taking Your Pot

Proper education will help your children avoid smoking, alcohol abuse, and weed consumption. And, after all, it is just a plant.

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