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Best Workout for When You Are Stoned

Sport is a necessary activity for everyone, and stoners are not an exception. Today, we can shop, hang out with friends, study, and work all while just sitting at home. This is why we all need fitness exercises and gyms to remain healthy.

Despite the common stereotype that all stoners are lazy potheads that sit at home all day and eat junk food, most cannabis enthusiasts defy the stereotype of being couch potatoes. Of course, some heavy indica strains are just made for an evening in front of your TV. However, marijuana consumers are often sportive and healthy.

Does Weed Make You Lose Weight
Does Weed Make You Lose Weight
As marijuana is becoming more popular by the day, people start asking questions about its compatibility with their everyday routine. According to multiple studies conducted by the researchers and scientists, marijuana patients know how to benefit from cannabis to treat their symptoms.

There are many ways to enhance your performance while stoned. Many professional athletes resort to the herb during their training. Cannabis can be helpful when smoked both before physical activity and after it. It is up to you to choose the time of consumption and the desired effects. To get in-depth information about the pros and cons of getting stoned before and after working out, read our article below.

Many activities can be paired with being high. However, there are some workouts that go along with pot-smoking better than others. Let us look at three of them.


Some say that the true meaning of yoga is not so much physical, as it is mental. This is why this activity suits cannabis most. A euphoric high complemented by the spiritual relaxation is a perfect match to slow and calming yoga poses also known as asanas. They create peace in your body, build strength, and increase your flexibility. This combination will guide your mind to meditation. In addition, cannabis is known to affect your mind in a similar way to yoga—just choose some light relaxing marijuana strain to guide you to nirvana.

The most appealing thing about yoga is the fact that it can be practiced by everyone. No matter your shape and physical strength, you can easily modify the poses and choose those that suit you the most.

This workout will benefit both your body and mind.

6 Best Practices for Combining Cannabis and Yoga
6 Best Practices for Combining Cannabis and Yoga
The combination of yoga and marijuana has been a subject of discussion among many yogis. There are those who are convinced that consuming marijuana during or before the yoga practice may help you enhance your feelings, explore the practice more deeply, and reduce some of the physical and mental barriers.


Bicycling is a perfectly balanced workout. First of all, it is one of the most enjoyable workouts you can get. Just taking a bike and riding around your neighborhood or among peaceful nature is relaxing. At the same time, almost every muscle in your body works and becomes stronger. Like yoga, it can be easily modified to suit your physical condition. You can choose the speed you go and the duration of the exercise yourself. In addition, you can plan routs of different complexity.

Bicycling is truly a cannabis-friendly workout. Getting high will not spoil the fun. In this case, you can choose any strain you like. The relaxing ones will suit a slow ride to enjoy the fresh wind and the scenery. Strong energizing herbs will give you the strength and motivation to outride all your companions. Being able to ride in a company is also a pleasant bonus.

What is Better: Smoking Weed After Workout or Before?
What is Better: Smoking Weed After Workout or Before?
If you think that people who try to keep their bodies in a good shape do not smoke weed, you are mistaken. Even professional athletes do it from time to time. Some of them even come out to the public and claim that smoking weed before and after a workout helps them in their exercises.


The last marijuana-friendly activity on our list is jogging. While this exercise is somewhat more demanding than the previous two, it can be quite enjoyable to do while stoned. It is a great way to get moving in our computer-tied lives. It can be paired with cannabis to enhance your performance and keep you moving forward. Smoke before jogging and start with short distances. You can also smoke after your exercise to relax your muscles and get rid of the pain. Besides, jogging is a reason to move outside and enjoy fresh air and vitamin D.

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