Apr 13, 2016 4:35 PM

Best Detox for THC

Sooner or later, every marijuana enthusiast can face a situation when they have to detox their body and get rid of any sign of THC in their system. There are many suggestions around the Web on how you can do it fast and safe. Unfortunately, not all of them work—just imagine your disappointment when you test positive after being 100 percent sure that you are completely clean.

If not all methods on the Internet work, how can you know which one will help you detox THC? Let us look closer at the process of detoxing.


You may think that when the effects of marijuana subside, there is no trace of it left in your body. Well, you are wrong. Its chemical remnants are still inside you. There are many ways to detect marijuana metabolites in a person through their blood, hair, saliva, and urine. Urine tests are the most popular way for companies to control their stuff. Keep in mind that chronic stoners accumulate more THC with each high time. This large amount of cannabinoids can be detected even after a couple of months after quitting using cannabis. If you are not a regular smoker, weed metabolites should be gone from your system in a couple of days.

In addition to the frequency of your smokes, there are many factors that influence the time required for marijuana to leave your body completely. The list of factors includes your metabolism, the food you eat, how much you sweat, your body fat percentage, and how potent is the strain you have smoked.

The process of detoxing flushes THC and weed metabolites out of your system. In fact, your body is doing a great work detoxing itself. However, it is not as fast as you need to pass a drug test on the next day. The most common way to speed up detoxing is through fluids—THC will come out with them. That is why many remedies that have diuretic properties are recommended for marijuana detoxing.

As it has been mentioned before, your metabolism influences the process as well. Some remedies speed up your metabolism and supply all the necessary nutrients to help your body work more efficiently. Be careful when you expect a too rapid detox because the urine sample may seem suspicious. Your results may be inadmissible, and the company can ask you to do the second test. Of course, you can purchase some kind of pills of other remedies to increase the speed of detoxing, but there are many natural ways to do it without harming your body.

Natural Ways of Detoxing


Drink more fluids and THC will leave your system faster. We do not mean that you should drink alcohol—what kind of detoxing would it be then? Drink water, a lot of it. It flushed things out of our bodies, including marijuana metabolites. Without sufficient amount of water, no pill can show its whole potential. Besides, if you sweat and urinate enough, you do not need to take medicine at all. Frankly speaking, you can drink anything you want; the trick is not in the water itself; being hydrated will do the magic for you. Only be careful—too much of anything can be bad; excessive drinking of water can disrupt your electrolyte balance.


The more fluids you drink, the more you sweat. Sweating is one of the main ways for THC to leave your body. Any activity that will make you swelter is good for detoxing. What can be more tiresome than exercising? However, if you are lazy, visit a sauna. This way, you can combine something useful with something pleasurable. Take your friends and spend a good time in the sauna. This is a perfect equation—no effort=great results. Or you can simply go sunbathing if you have such an opportunity. If it is really hot and the sun is blazing, nature will do all the work for you.


As we have mentioned before, exercising is the best way to aid perspiration. Besides, physical activities also influence a couple of other factors that determine the speed of detoxing. First of all, physical activity increases your metabolism thus energizing your body and helping to it to get its work done faster. Secondly, it burns fat. And THC resides in our fat cells. Burning fat is beneficial not only for detoxing but for your overall health as well.

Eat Right Food

The last but not the least: eat the proper food. There are foods that speed up the process of detoxing, and there are foods that can do exactly the opposite. If you have ever cooked marijuana edibles, you already know that marijuana is fat soluble, so try to avoid fatty foods. The right type of products for you are those ingredients that contain a lot of antioxidants. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetable are a must-be in your ration. Eat foods that are rich in niacin―the vitamin also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid.

Do not choose only one way of natural detoxing. Combine them all.

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