Mar 6, 2017 12:10 PM

Australia to Import Cannabis for Covering High Patient Demand

The Health Minister of Australia is going to speed up the importation of medical marijuana to make the herb more accessible in just a couple of weeks.

Greg Hunt, Australian Health Minister, has recently announced that the process of medical cannabis import will be significantly expedited in order to cover the high patient demand in the country.

The advanced process of importation would in place until the inner cannabis market could satisfy the Australian patients. Currently, the absence of domestic marijuana production is forcing healthcare professionals to import the herb from abroad.

According to the new scheme, importers would be allowed to purchase medicinal cannabis products from a trustworthy supplier overseas and keep them in a special secure warehouse in Australia.

Thousands of cannabis enthusiasts in Australia are now waiting for further steps toward easing the access to medical marijuana. One of the hottest issues concerning cannabis is providing amnesty for medical marijuana patients and protecting them from prosecution. However, some political leaders consider the following practice too complicated, while others have questioned whether the authorities are capable of implementing such an agenda.

Changes in Australia’s approach to medical marijuana are likely to be a part of the greater policy of accepting the herb. One 2015 poll showed that a whopping 91% of Australians believed in the expansion of medical cannabis use.

The announcement by the Health Minister also comes on the heels of Australia’s first marijuana license, which was recently issued by the country’s Office of Drug Control. Cannoperations, a marijuana-related company, received the license last week and is now allowed to perform both cannabis research and cultivation.

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