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We offer you to promote your business on our website
via high-performance individually-tailored
native advertising techniques.

What we offer

Native Ad
We will place your information into our news feed alongside our latest articles. Your ad will remain among the latest news in our feed for a negotiated period of time (“sticky article” style).
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Your Article on MJWellness.com
We will publish your article (tagged “advertisement”) on our website. The article will be pinned to the top of the page for a negotiated period of time.
Our Article About You
We will write a high-quality custom article (based on your source material) on a topic of your choosing, with a link to your page, images, YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts. We will keep the ad there forever along with an active link to your content.
Facebook Social Media Share
We will share a link to your content on our Facebook page. Alternatively, we can share your Facebook post for a maximum, long-lasting, sustainable promotional effect.
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Advantages You Get

Conquer Google Search
Our SEO techniques allow us to outperform other marijuana websites on most core measures placing us among at least TOP-15 in Google search ranking.
Pay Once, Get Accelerating Returns Forever
With over 100 000 visits per month and the coverage of all key demographics and audience segments, our traffic increased fourfold over the past six months, and we are continuing to grow by over 10% every month.
You Will Have Genuinely Interested Readers
Being a niche website, we can offer you readers who are genuinely interested in your offers. Most advertising networks promote your content to people algorithmically labeled as “interested” in some general topic.
Native Ads
Native ads are significantly more efficient than traditional advertising. Our ads are truly native: from the technological standpoint, they are no different from our regular content. Instead of “pageviews” or “clicks”, you get real people who are interested in your product or service. As an added bonus, you get to promote your content to people who usually block ads.