Oct 30, 2016 12:05 PM

7 Tips for Couples Who Want to Try Cannabis for the First Time

It is not a secret that sharing the most important experiences in your life makes them even more significant. Especially when it comes to your significant other. At some point, a couple may want to share something new, like smoking marijuana. The Internet is full of tips for a newbie, but are there any differences in trying weed for the first time when you do it in a couple?

Do not risk with illegal stuff

No matter how much you want to try cannabis right now, do not ever go for illegal weed: not only may you have problems with the law, you can also get low-quality weed that will provide negative side-effects instead of the joy you expected.

If you have a choice, it is better to go to a dispensary and ask the budtender to offer you something that is good for a beginner. Too strong weed may cause nausea, paranoia, or hallucinations, and we bet you do not want that. For buying recreational weed, you need to be at least 21 years old. If the state you live in provides only medical cannabis, you will need not only your ID but also a recommendation from your doctor.

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Be prepared to fail

Yes, sometimes it happens. When a person tries cannabis for the very first time, it can simply have no effect on either mind or body. It can also happen that after sharing the same joint, you will become stoned, and your partner will not feel any changes at all. Or it can be vice versa.

Since the effects of weed are very individual, the same product can cause different outcomes. You cannot expect your significant other to feel the same. However, you should talk about it beforehand. Just be prepared that your experiment may fail.

Decide what you want in advance

Before going to a dispensary, discuss together what effect you want to get from cannabis. Do you want to have wild sex, or maybe relax together, or giggle while watching some comedy? Cannabis can offer you a great number of choices, so it is up to you what you want to experience first.

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Do not forget to communicate

Since you want to share this experience, do not forget to make this as enjoyable as you can. It means caring about your partner and not pushing them to do things they do not want to do. As we have mentioned above, the effect of weed may differ depending on many factors, including individual reaction of one's mind and body. Do not focus only on your own feelings, say out loud that you want your significant other to feel comfortable, too. It can help you both feel more confident and shake off all the fear and anxiety of falling in your partner's eyes.

Start slowly

Since you do not know your perfect dose yet, we would recommend you not to hurry with consuming your weed right away. If you get an edible, remember that the effect starts to reveal itself 25-40 minutes after you eat it. It is better to start with a quarter of the product and then eat another quarter half an hour later.

If you have chosen a joint or a vaporizer, start with one hit. With this way of consuming, weed affects you faster—it can take about 3-15 minutes depending on the strain. It is better to wait at least ten minutes before deciding whether you need more or not.

As an alternative, you can also use some massage oils with marijuana. They do not provide any psychoactive effect but can instead help you relax and feel the benefits from the calming properties of cannabis.

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5 Reasons People Have Different Reactions to Weed
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Be open to changing plans

If your goal is to combine marijuana and sex, it is better to choose some strain that can help you become aroused. However, everything can happen, and what you planned to be a wild sex night can turn into a giggling party with pizza and TV-shows. Do not feel disappointed, think of it as a new experience, not as ruined plans.

If your plans work fine, try to stay present and notice all the changes in your own sensations as well as your partner's mood and feelings. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover something new in your relationship, so try to get the maximum from your state and experience all the effect at full capacity.

Enjoy the afterward cuddling

For God's sake, do not try to document all the sensations you had during sex while being high, at least not right after it happened. It is the perfect time for you to be as intimate with your partner as you can. Cuddle each other, stroke your partner, and make eye contact. Wrap your arms around your loved one and spend some time by just being close to each other.

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