Sep 5, 2016 9:40 AM

7 Popular Myths About THC

THC is the most well-known compound of cannabis. However, it has been surrounded by myths and rumors for a long time. A great amount of them is supported by traditionalists and older relatives. Our myth busters will help you recognize propaganda and expose seven most common myths about THC.

1. Starting With Cannabis Will Bring You to More Addictive Drugs

THC has long been considered a gateway towards world’s most addictive drugs. However, this fact has been disproven many times. In fact, research shows that alcohol and tobacco may be more suitable for this role. Moreover, many people claim that marijuana has helped them quit dangerous drugs thanks to the THC compound.

2. THC Can Reduce Your IQ

This fact comes from the early 30s, and it surprises us greatly that people still believe in this myth. Studies have shown that even when consumed in adolescence, marijuana has an insignificant influence on the IQ variation throughout the whole life.

3. Cannabis Can Kill You

One of the greatest advantages of THC is that it cannot damage your body even if you consume too much. Most drugs can cause brain damage and other irreversible changes. However, there has been a large amount of weed enthusiasts who consumed enormous quantities of cannabis, and not a single person has died, like ever.

4. THC Can Negatively Affect Your Memory

There is a great variety of myths concerning the negative impact of cannabis on memory. Fortunately, weed can only influence insignificant short-term memories that your brain classifies as not important. No worries about remembering your awesome summer holidays.

5. THC Has Never Been Used in Medicine

The legalization of medical cannabis in many countries can completely destroy this popular myth. The medical properties of cannabis are already used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and a great deal of other symptoms and diseases.

6. Fresh Cannabis Can Easily Provide You With THC

The only way to get you high is to heat your cannabis to release its psychoactive component.

7. Quitting THC Can Ruin Your Life

THC’s withdrawal effects are considered to be one of the easiest. If you stop drinking coffee one day, will you feel comfortable? The same goes for cannabis.

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