Nov 23, 2016 12:05 PM

6 Ways Cannabis Can Help You on Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving Day is special for many cannabis advocates—thanks to their efforts, eight additional states voted for the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana.

Calm Down

While other results of the voting have caused stress and anxiety among many Americans, the decision to legalize pot was definitely the right one for calming your nerves. If you are going to celebrate this holiday with your friends or relatives, it is better not to talk about politics. However, someone may find family settings to be stressful in any case, so this is a great reason to consume weed on Thanksgiving Day.

7 CBD Strains to Improve Your Health
7 CBD Strains to Improve Your Health
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 85 active compounds of marijuana that has proved its health-promoting effects in many CBD studies. Today, CBD strains have reached general acceptance in the medical community as a medication with a highly therapeutic effect that can treat severe diseases.

Stimulate Appetite

It was scientifically confirmed that cannabis improves appetite and makes your taste buds more sensitive. A 2014 study discovered that laboratory rats experienced an increase of hunger after taking weed. Researchers explained that marijuana influenced the sense of smell that is often perceived as acute hunger because of the close connection between taste and smell. Further studies on this issue have confirmed these findings.

Study Shows Cannabis Works as Appetite Stimulant
Study Shows Cannabis Works as Appetite Stimulant
The “munchies” effect of cannabis is well-known. However, until recently, it had been unclear what exactly (and how) induced appetite. A new study found that the cannabis compound Cannabigerol (CBG) is the one that makes you feel like eating everything in your fridge.

Treat Damaged Brain Cells

Everyone knows that cannabis is better than alcohol. It is a great alternative to holiday relaxation if you want to avoid the morning hangover that usually happens after drinking alcohol. Moreover, cannabis is proven to be effective in treating brain cells that were damaged by alcohol use.

Marijuana Studies on the Brain: Cannabis Treats Alcohol-Damaged Cells
Marijuana Studies on the Brain: Cannabis Treats Alcohol-Damaged Cells
Scientific studies on marijuana have already revealed a great number of weed's healing properties nobody could imagine before. But one of the latest studies has found that marijuana can potentially treat brain cells that were damaged by alcohol.

Relieve Digestive Disorders

The British Journal of Anesthesia published a study claiming that cannabis can help patients with digestive problems as weed consumption protects the stomach lining. If you want to know more about how marijuana affects our digestive system and whether it suits your health condition, read the article below.

Pros and Cons of Consuming Marijuana for Our Digestive System
Pros and Cons of Consuming Marijuana for Our Digestive System
Cannabis can be used for both recreational and medical purposes. However, whatever our goal is, it is important to know how the herb affects our body. This is especially important when it comes to our digestive system, as cannabis has lots of features that can serve you well or, vice versa, impair your health.

Inspire Cuddling

Scientists have also found that cannabis contains oxytocin, a hormone that makes people more sociable and open-hearted. Thus, smoking a pipe of your favorite strain may break the ice in the communication with your relatives and improve interpersonal bonding. Feel free to express your emotions and hug people while thanking them for all the good they have done for you.

Interesting Facts About Private Lives of Pot Smokers
Interesting Facts About Private Lives of Pot Smokers
Spring is a time when we cannot help thinking about romance. That is why we decided to find out more about the private lives of marijuana devotees and, of course, share all our findings with you.

Eliminate Anxiety

Current lifestyle is often too stressful for most urban dwellers, and our natural cannabinoid levels may not be sufficient to cope with the debilitating anxiety. However, a few puffs of cannabis in the time of need can boost your immune level and make your life more relaxed.

10 Anxieties That CBD Can Eliminate
10 Anxieties That CBD Can Eliminate
Using the nonpsychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) is an efficient way to decrease any type of anxiety. While THC can even enhance fears and phobias, CBD will make you feel calm and self-confident. Below are the ten most common anxieties that can be eliminated by CBD.
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