Sep 6, 2016 9:20 AM

6 Things to Remember When Buying Medical Weed

The legalization of pot is aimed at making cannabis available in the free market, as well as lowering its price and making it affordable for most citizens. We have prepared some tips on how to get the best dispensary cannabis and not spend a fortune.

1. Check Out New Dispensaries in Your Area

New dispensaries are opening all the time. You may save your time and money by visiting a new shop around the block. Check the latest news about new dispensaries in your district before getting into your car.

2. Calculate Your Expenses

Going from place to place in search of just the right strain is also a bad idea. You may spend a good deal of fuel searching for it for hours. Stay on top of the latest information about the menu, prices, and availability of products you are looking for at the dispensary you are going to visit.

3. Pay Attention to Methods of Your Pot Consumption

If you need the best effect, you have to take the best product. Dispensaries offer a great variety of marijuana products, from edibles to topicals. For medical relief, method plays as big of a role as quantity.

4. Quantity or Quality?

If a low price provides you with a lower potency of cannabis, then maybe you should think whether you are really saving or simply fooling yourself. Sometimes, it is better to buy less weed for a higher price and be sure that it will give you the necessary relief. Compare the prices and strains before going to your local dispensary.

5. Save Your Time and Money

Every day, more and more dispensaries join the cannabis market. As the number of the available products is increasing, you need to compare the prices and effects, search for the best strains, check the availability of the necessary goods, and sometimes it seems exhausting.

6. Try using Weedy.com

Weedy.com is a new service that helps you locate medical marijuana dispensaries, head shops, and cannabis doctors. What's more, it offers a convenient method of ordering the best weed in San Francisco—just upload you medical marijuana card and wait for you cannabis to be delivered.

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