Aug 17, 2016 6:35 PM

6 Great Ways to Give Yourself Weed Massage

Cannabis-infused topicals are very effective against muscle pain. Weed contains plenty of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and nutritious antioxidants. When you apply cannabis directly to your skin, you can get all these benefits in a specific area. That can provide you with a quick relief in a certain place of your body. Below are six ways you can give yourself a weed massage that will help you ease the pain and relax.

Tension Headaches and Neck Relief

First of all, put some weed topical on your hands. Then, rub it onto the sides and back of your neck. It will warm the massage area and start fighting your pain. Slowly move your fingers up and down along the back sides of your neck. If you find any tender spots, do not be afraid to press into them lightly. Relax your shoulders.

Jaw and Face

Slow, circular motions above your temples will give you wonderful feelings of ease and relaxation. Use your first two fingers to massage from the joint to the chin. Do not forget about your ears; place your finger by the targus, the little piece of cartilage that sticks out mid-ear, then rub straight up and down.

Shoulders and Lower Neck

You need to keep your shoulders relaxed while massaging these areas, otherwise, you can make the tension even worse. Use the hand opposite to the shoulder that you are rubbing. It will be great to pay more attention to the tight points after you have finished the massage of the total area.

Quads and Hamstrings

Put some topical to the top of your leg and warm the muscle. Use the heels of your hands to rub the muscle for a couple of minutes. If you enjoy the feelings, try to use your elbows to massage the outside areas of your quads and work toward the inside. Then give a few gentle slaps to your muscles. You may apply a topical at any point if needed.


First of all, take a seat. Be sure your feet soles are touching the floor and your back is straight. Put your hands on the tops of your feet and use your thumbs to slide up and down the soles of your feet. Here you can use any technique for massaging; choose the one that gives you the best feelings.


One of the best places to apply pressure to is between the index finger and the thumb. Squeeze and pull your left fingers upward with the thumb and fingers of the right hand. Do that with each of your fingertips. Then continue with your other hand.

Massage with cannabis topicals can be a real lifesaver when you are stressed, tired, or suffering from a headache. Just choose the best oil or lotion from the great variety of available topicals.

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