Jul 21, 2016 9:10 AM

6 Best Practices for Combining Cannabis and Yoga

The combination of yoga and marijuana has been a subject of discussion among many yogis. There are those who are convinced that consuming marijuana during or before the yoga practice may help you enhance your feelings, explore the practice more deeply, and reduce some of the physical and mental barriers. Others may argue that weed can disrupt the physical purity and concentration.

In case you decided to try the combination of marijuana and yoga, you need to know both your yoga practice and your body’s response to the influence of cannabis. It is a great idea to experience weed and yoga together if you are sure that you can be safe using weed to calm down, relax, or relieve pain. Below are the six points you need to consider before you combine marijuana and yoga.

1. Balance

Yoga classes are often crowded, so you need to be sure that you will feel comfortable and calm in that environment. Trying yoga and weed at home first will give you the confidence that your balance can remain solid after a smoking session. This may prevent you from falling out of the crow pose and into a fellow yogi in the class.

2. Focus

If you want to improve your focus during yoga practice, it is better to start with small doses of cannabis and note how it influences your ability to pay attention. Getting too high may cause mind wandering.

3. Breath

Smoking or vaping cannabis can sometimes have a negative impact on proper yoga breathing. If you see that those methods of weed consumption make you short of breath, you should change your delivery method or smoke weed a few hours before going to the yoga class. Drinking lots of water may prevent you from having a dry throat and mouth.

4. Edibles

Taking an edible may provide you with the inspiring and dreamy effect that you will be happy to experience again and again. Yoga often enhances the effects of edibles, so be sure to take a smaller amount than usual on your first time.

5. Flower

Consuming flower usually involves smoking or vaping, so keep your breathing techniques in mind if you opt for trying cannabis flower before your yoga class.

6. Strain Type

One of the best ways to start this experiment with is smoking indicas that are known for reducing anxiety and delivering more of a body high.

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