Jul 28, 2016 9:25 AM

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Cannabichromene (CBC)

You may have never heard of cannabichromene (CBC) until now, but you will be surprised at how beneficial this cannabis compound is for your health. While THC gets its popularity due to its psychoactive effect, and CBD is well-known for its anti-convulsant properties, CBC can also provide you with amazing medical benefits.

1. CBC Relieves Stress

Unlike THC, CBC does not have a psychoactive effect on the consumers. Thus, this type of cannabinoids can be a good alternative for people seeking for medical relief without the high effect. Moreover, cannabis scientists suggest that CBC can be helpful for patients with depression on an equal footing to CBD and THC.

In an animal study conducted at the University of Mississippi, researchers discovered that mouses treated with CBC were more stress-resistant than other tested animals. Chronic stress is often one of the most common factors leading to depression. That is why people who cannot adjust themselves to stressful conditions are more likely to experience depression. CBC can be a great option of natural antidepressants with minimal side effects.

Can CBD Counteract Anxiety Caused by THC?
Can CBD Counteract Anxiety Caused by THC?
Many cannabis users are wondering whether CBD can neutralize the side effects of consuming of too much THC (such as anxiety or paranoia). The answer is yes, it can, but there are still some factors that may influence your body’s response to CBD.

2. CBC Reduces Inflammation

Today, inflammation is the reason for many ailments. Though inflammation is a natural response of the immune system, it usually spins out of control if one suffers from such conditions as allergy, autoimmune diseases, and psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or depression.

Any natural component with anti-inflammatory properties is essential for the patient's heath. While CBD and THC have already proven their anti-inflammatory effects, CBC is also worth your attention.

A 2010 study discovered that CBC has anti-inflammatory properties that can be increased when paired with THC. The combination of these two cannabinoids appeared to be more effective in the struggle against inflammation than either one of them alone.

3. CBC Stimulates Neurogenesis

Though there is a popular belief that the human brain stops creating new cells after a certain age, scientific studies show the opposite findings. Neurons in our brains are consistently generating new cells responsible for memory and learning via a process known as neurogenesis. However, elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease often have problems with neurogenesis.

The results of a study carried out by Italian researchers in 2013 revealed that CBC could potentially stimulate neurogenesis. During the study, scientists tested the effects of neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs) received from adult mouses. NSPCs are important cells that are responsible for brain function and can differentiate into a variety of other cells necessary for brain growth and recovery. The study discovered that CBC had a positive effect on those cells, which resulted in the improved functions of NSPCs.

Marijuana Studies on the Brain: Cannabis Treats Alcohol-Damaged Cells
Marijuana Studies on the Brain: Cannabis Treats Alcohol-Damaged Cells
Scientific studies on marijuana have already revealed a great number of weed's healing properties nobody could imagine before. But one of the latest studies has found that marijuana can potentially treat brain cells that were damaged by alcohol.

4. CBC Attacks Microbes

Cannabis researchers also proved that CBC could effectively attack microbes, namely bacteria and fungi. An early study conducted in 1981 revealed the antibacterial properties of CBC after this cannabinoid had killed E. coli and staph colonies. Testing the anti-fungal activity of CBC, researchers used a dermatophyte and yeast-like and filamentous fungi. The study results showed that CBC had strong antibacterial activity and mild anti-fungal activity.

These findings were confirmed by a recent study, which discovered that CBC and other marijuana compounds had the same effect on MRSA as Vancomycin.

5. CBC Kills Pain

CBC can also be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain. An animal research conducted by Italian scientists in 2011 showed that CBC acted similarly to CBD in enhancing pain-fighting networks. This study confirmed previous findings discovered in the 1980s that THC and CBC in combination could work like analgesics. Though CBC provides patients only with a mild analgetic effect, its properties can be increased when paired with THC.

THC and CBD: Friendship or Rivalry?
THC and CBD: Friendship or Rivalry?
Nowadays, the THC chemical structure and effects have already been thoroughly explored, while new findings on the CBD features make scientists prefer CBD over THC. Read this article to clarify how these two marijuana components complement or differ from each other.

Thanks to the mentioned studies, scientists have found that cannabinoids are not only high-potential chemicals but also useful natural compounds that can work synergistically to help cannabis patients as effectively as possible. Although more studies still need to be carried out, each new research continues to unveil the amazing benefits of medical marijuana.

Have you already used CBC in your treatment? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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