Aug 21, 2016 9:35 AM

5 Ways Hemp Will Detoxicate Your Home

Every day, you are faced with about 700 synthetic chemicals. Some of them are relatively innocuous, while others can be really harmful to your health. These chemicals are found in your daily environment, including air, water, and food. It is impossible to escape the exposure to harmful chemicals altogether; however, you may eliminate their influence in your home. Hemp products are ready to help you with their eco-friendly and natural properties. Below are five ways hemp may detoxicate your home.

1. Reduce Waste

One of the best ways to clean your place is to get rid of the things that provide a huge amount of waste. Disposable paper napkins and towels are usually treated with bleach and dyes. As a rule, they are also not produced from recycled materials. Thus, using hemp products may significantly reduce your exposure to dyes and bleach. Here are some alternative hemp products:

- Hemp dinner napkins

- Organic hemp dish towel

- Hemp Dishcloth Combo Pack

2. Clean Sleep

Few people know that modern mattresses are usually coated with various cotton pesticides, flame retardants, and even formaldehyde. Flame retardants may cause cancer and nervous system disorder, and formaldehyde also has carcinogen properties. In this case, hemp products can be a real treasure. Hemp bedding, pillows, and mattresses are safe, more durable than cotton, and insect-resistant.

3. Eco-Flooring

Carpets are another source of different flame retardants and harmful chemicals. By choosing handwoven hemp rugs and organic hemp area rugs you replace the synthetic carpeting with a safe and natural coating.

4. Organic Skin Care

Most skin care products contain phthalates that are extremely dangerous for your health. Phthalates are special substances that act like hormones in the body. These compounds may cause diabetes, obesity, and thyroid irregularities. Thus, avoid skin care products and cosmetics with a long list of synthetic chemicals. Hemp products are the best option in the beauty sphere. DIY cannabis-infused topicals and handmade organic hemp skin care products should be your number one choices.

5. Clean Air

A couple of cannabis plants near a south-facing window will provide you with clean and fresh air. If you are not a marijuana grower, spruce up your house with some other plants to have a sufficient amount of oxygen.

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