Nov 25, 2016 12:00 PM

5 Tips for Enjoyable Tolerance Break

Cannabis tolerance is a condition that every weed enthusiast may face from time to time. Have you noticed that marijuana does not provide the same effects on your body as it used to? The reason is that if you consume THC on a regular basis, the receptors that bind to the psychoactive substance can wear out. Thus, not all of them receive cannabis, and you end up feeling “less high.” However, there is a great way to fix the issue! A tolerance break will retrieve your awesome high! Below are five tips that will make your tolerance break successful and pleasant.

1. Give Up Consuming Slowly

The healthiest way to start your tolerance break is to decrease the amount of consumed weed slowly. Be sure you have a few days before you completely quit smoking. In this case, your withdrawal symptoms will be about 50% less noticeable than if you gave it up at once.

2. Create Schedule

One of the most important things for a successful tolerance break is to follow your schedule. It is a good idea to use your calendar to make sure you remember when you can start enjoying marijuana again. Moreover, by planning ahead, you will be able to plan your days off and spare time more effectively and resist the temptation to smoke weed during the break. A minimum of one week of tolerance break is highly recommended.

3. Hide All Your Cannabis Accessories

Try to avoid things that will remind you of cannabis. Make sure you hide your bong, vaporizer, and other weed equipment so that you do not accidentally see it.

4. Do Your Exercises and Eat Healthy Food

A cardio workout is one of the most efficient ways to flush excess THC out of your system. Just sign up for group workouts or play your favorite kind of sports regularly. Whatever you choose, you will definitely feel better, especially if you start eating healthier.

5. Stay Busy

Plan some new activities that contribute to your wellness and health. It might become a useful habit even after you finish your tolerance break, making you a healthier person overall.

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