Jun 25, 2016 9:25 AM

5 Reasons to Obtain a Medical Cannabis Card

1. Legal Use

It is a widely known fact that many people use marijuana for self-treatment. However, doing so without a medical marijuana card is against the law, unless you live in one of the states where recreational marijuana is legal. Getting a medical marijuana card is a very reasonable thing to do to avoid any potential problems with the law.

2. Cannabis Is an Effective Treatment

Marijuana has a wide variety of medical properties. It may help you with the pain relief, depression, anxiety or nausea. Cannabis can also alleviate Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, seizure disorders, MS and even cancer symptoms.

3. You Can Replace Pharmaceuticals With Cannabis

A lot of pharmaceuticals have a range of severe side effects. Meantime, marijuana is a relatively safe natural herbal remedy with little adverse effects. Although medical marijuana costs are not always covered by insurance, dispensaries offer a variety of affordable options.

4. Shopping at a Dispensary Is Really Great

There is an enormous difference between buying marijuana at your small hometown pharmacy or even from a back alley dealer and shopping in a legal state dispensary. Dispensaries offer a wide choice of various edibles, flowers, topicals, tinctures and cannabis strains. Moreover, you have an opportunity to taste and smell different options, and choose marijuana according to your symptoms and personal preferences.

5. Support for Safe Access

The support of medical marijuana legalization has grown in the last few years, with 23 states now allowing using cannabis for medical purposes. By getting a medical cannabis card, you will be supporting a growing industry, positively affecting both our health and economy.

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