Jun 30, 2016 9:05 AM

5 Medical Cannabis Events to Attend in July

July will bring you multiple options to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana and meet medical cannabis patients, supporters, and advocates who can share their experience with you. MJWellness will help you figure out which upcoming marijuana events may be the most interesting and informative for you.

Methods of Ingestion

When: July 6

Where: Tampa, FL

This educational event organized by the Florida Cannabis Coalition will help you learn more about various ways of consuming cannabis. The leading experts of the industry will explain which way of consuming marijuana is safer and what are the medical benefits of smoking weed. To get more info and book the ticket, visit the event's website.

Cannabis XXL

When: July 8-10

Where: Munich, Germany

Visit one of Germany's biggest cannabis fairs—Cannabis XXL. Learn more about the health benefits of hemp and marijuana, explore the variety of local hemp products, enjoy delicious food and live music. Moreover, you can join one of the special sessions where you will learn how to cook healthy and tasty hemp food.

IMPACT: Cancer & Cannabis

When: July 9, 2016

Where: Denver, CO

Join the next monthly IMPACT Network conference in Denver to discuss the possibility of using medical cannabis for treating cancer. There will be numerous Q&A sessions with the industry leaders and medical weed professionals at this family-friendly event. Use your chance to get educated about the benefits of medical weed for cancer patients and the ways you can add weed to your standard therapy.

For more information, go to the event's website.

Medical Marijuana Physician's Update

When: July 9, 2016

Where: Portland, OR

On July 9, 2016, you can join the community of medical marijuana doctors to discuss the problems of the current medical weed system in Oregon. Find out more about the newest treatment options, the ways to control cannabis quality and the recent changes in the regulation of medical marijuana in Oregon.

For more details, visit the conference's official website.

HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

When: July 22-24, 2016

Where: San Bernardino, CA

Join the first-ever Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup organized by High Times in San Bernardino, California. Spend three days watching the incredible Cannabis Cup show, communicating with like-minded people and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of one of the biggest medical marijuana competitions. Find out who will be honored to receive the highest appreciation and receive the Cannabis Cup award.

For the medical weed patients who want to enjoy the event to the fullest, there will be available a medicating area where you can consume cannabis. In order to enter the medicating area, you need to have a valid California medical cannabis card or a doctor's recommendation.

For more details, go to the event's website.

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