Apr 3, 2017 12:10 PM

5 Medical Cannabis Events to Attend in April

April is the month of 420 celebrations accompanied by dozens of marijuana-themed events. Along with numerous festivals and parties, there will be a lot of special events for medical marijuana patients, doctors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and lawmakers. MJWellness will tell you about the most important and valuable medical cannabis events of the month.

CannMed Conference

When: April 9-11, 2017

Where: Boston, MA

The upcoming CannMed Conference will gather the greatest minds in medical marijuana research. Dozens of medical cannabis professionals from all over the globe will discuss the potential of the medical marijuana industry, the most recent changes in medical marijuana policies in different states, and more.

Meet medical cannabis professionals, advocates, and supporters at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on April 9 through April 11, 2017. For more details, go to CannMed's website.

A Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana Reality Check Webinar

When: April 15, 2017

Where: Tampa, FL

If you want to know more about the weed legalization movement and the role of medical cannabis in it, join the upcoming webinar presented by Florida Cannabis Coalition and the Minorities for Medical Marijuana organization. Learn about the current state of marijuana legalization at both federal and local levels, and find out what business opportunities the cannabis industry offers you today.

For more details, go to the webinar's website.

Cannabis Health Class for Older Adults: Class 1

When: April 19, 2017

Where: Portland, OR

Attend a medical cannabis class that will show you how you can use medical marijuana for treating different diseases and, especially, for managing pain. The upcoming Cannabis Health Class will focus on the possibilities that medical cannabis gives to the elderly patients, but caregivers and family are also welcome.

There will be two parts of the event: the second class will be held on April 26, 2017, at the same location. For more details, go to the event's website.

Marijuana to Make Life Better for Senior People
Marijuana to Make Life Better for Senior People
According to the statistics, the elderly in America use about 30 percent of all prescription drugs. That means that they might benefit from a more natural alternative to their medicine. Unfortunately, senior people are rather judgmental about cannabis due to a life-long exposure to the War on Drugs.

Psychedelic Science Conference

When: April 19-24, 2017

Where: Oakland, CA

Psychedelic Science 2017 is an international event that gathers medical cannabis professionals from different parts of the world. This event is a perfect place for discussing the latest research on cannabis and sharing your experience with others.

The six-day scientific gathering will be divided into two parts: the first three days will be dedicated to scientific conferences and presentations, and the next three days will feature numerous educational sessions and workshops.

World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

When: April 21-22, 2017

Where: Pittsburgh, PA

World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo is an international event with a cannabis-friendly atmosphere where you can network, get informed about medical cannabis, share your personal experience with others. The conference will feature numerous educational seminars, expos, panel discussions, and more.

There will be a special guest at the conference―Ricky Williams, a former NFL player and one of the most active medical marijuana advocates among the professional athletes.

Former Football Superstar Ricky Williams Promotes Marijuana As Effective Painkiller for NFL Players
Former Football Superstar Ricky Williams Promotes Marijuana As Effective Painkiller for NFL Players
​Ricky Williams is on the list of the most recognizable and famous football players in the whole world. In 1998, the running back from the University of Texas won the Heisman Trophy. Ricky Williams is the guy the New Orleans Saints traded for, and the price was really high—they gave up every one of their picks in the NFL draft of 1999 (plus three drafts in 2000). This is considered to be one of the most irrational and infamous draft moves in the whole history of NFL.

For more information, go to the conference's official website.

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