May 31, 2016 5:50 PM

4 Medical Marijuana Events To Attend in June 2016

Do you want to learn more about possible risks and benefits of using weed for medical purposes? Do you want to meet real people who have already become medical cannabis users and found the way to manage their conditions with the help of weed? Then you definitely should consider visiting one of the upcoming medical marijuana events. Here are the four most important medical cannabis events that will take place in June 2016.

3rd Annual Canadian Marijuana for Medical Purposes Summit

Where: Toronto, Canada

When: June 1-2, 2016

Should you happen to be in Toronto on the first day of summer, you would do well to attend the 3rd Annual Canadian Marijuana for Medical Purposes Summit. This summit is one of the most helpful educational and networking events for medical cannabis patients, doctors, manufacturers, advocates, and activists. Meet the industry leaders and experts, learn about the most recent research, discoveries, and innovations related to medical weed. Find out, how exactly medical cannabis may help you!

For more details, visit the summit's website.

Fantastic Cannabastic

Where: San Diego, CA

When: June 5, 2016

If you still do not believe that your therapy may be fun and pleasant on top of being efficient, visit the upcoming Fantastic Cannabastic event. Those who want to learn more about the medicinal properties of marijuana can meet cannabis experts and current medical weed patients. Attendees interested in discovering the wide variety of medical marijuana products available on the market can visit one of the exhibit booths. And for people who want to simply enjoy the evening and spend a few hours in a company of understanding and like-minded people there will be a special lounge area.

Book the tickets and learn more details about the upcoming event on Fantastic Cannabastic's website.

IMPACT: Brain Health & Cannabis

Where: Denver, CO

When: June 11, 2016

Discover the new possibilities of using cannabis for medical purposes. Meet the industry leaders and help them make a difference—join the next IMPACT meeting and impact the open discussion on the possible risks and benefits of marijuana use for the patients and healthcare professionals. In June, the major topic of the IMPACT Network's monthly conference will be focused on the Brain Health and Cannabis.

For more information about the upcoming conference, visit the event's website.

Cannabis Charity Open

Where: Denver, CO

When: June 26, 2016

Cannabis Charity Open is your chance to help people with HIV/AIDS and make their lives a bit happier and healthier while playing your favorite game. By donating to the Denver Colorado AIDS Project (DCAP)—an organization that is helping people with HIV/AIDS for more than three decades—you will help reduce the spread of one of the most dangerous diseases of our time.

The event is sponsored by Premium Pete's Cannabis and High Rollers dispensary. For more details, visit the event's website or Facebook page.

5 Cannabis Events to Attend in June
5 Cannabis Events to Attend in June
While more and more states move towards legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, lots of people are still influenced by the negative stereotypes of the plant.

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