Oct 31, 2016 12:20 PM

3 Medical Cannabis Events to Attend in November

In November, there will be at least three events that medical marijuana patients, doctors, and activists should pay special attention to. MJWellness will tell you more about what will be on the list at each of these events.

Budtending 101 Workshop

Where: Tampa, FL

When: November 2, 2016

Florida Cannabis Association invites you to join to one of its educational classes―Budtending 101 Workshop. This event is your chance to learn something new about budtending and decide whether it is a right kind of job for you. The workshop may also be helpful for people who want to start a cannabis-related business and want to improve their knowledge of the medicinal properties of marijuana.

A three-hour long workshop will give you the basics of budtending and help you improve your professional skills. For more details, go to the Florida Cannabis Association's website.

Election Day

Where: Nationwide

When: November 8, 2016

On November 8, people in three states―Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota―will vote on medical cannabis legalization. If you live in one of these states, this is your chance to change the way things are and make medical marijuana accessible to more people.

Learn more about the states that can legalize marijuana use for either medical or recreational purposes here.

Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2016

Where: Denver, CO

When: November 14-16, 2016

One of the biggest problems of the medical weed industry is the lack of professionals with a sufficient level of knowledge on medical marijuana benefits and possible uses. The doctors have not enough information about the medicinal properties of cannabis, therefore they are afraid to give any marijuana-related recommendations to their patients. As a result, even in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use, only up to 5 percent of physicians recommend medical weed to their patients.

With budtenders, who usually are the alternative source of informational help medical marijuana patients, the situation is quite the same. Most budtenders have not enough knowledge about the medical use of cannabis or even no clinical training at all.

The upcoming Marijuana for Medical Professionals event is meant to change the way things currently are in the medical cannabis industry. The conference offers certified Continuing Medical Education for clinicians, physicians, and nurses who work with medical weed patients. There will also be special training for budtenders and dispensary owners.

For more information, visit the conference's website.

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