Jul 4, 2017 12:25 PM

3 Medical Cannabis Events to Attend in July

With more and more countries deciding to give medical cannabis a try, people want to know more about this mysterious plant. MJWellness will tell you about three medical weed events that will be held this month.

Cannabis Life Conference

When: July 7-8, 2017

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Listen to the leading experts and professionals, share your thoughts and experience with others, and learn more about the weed culture at one of the largest marijuana-focused conferences in North America. Cannabis Life Conference is a two-day event that creates an open space for discussing the most important marijuana-related topics: from starting a marijuana-related business or investing money in cannabis to marijuana policy improvements to scientific research.

For more details, go to the conference's website.

710 Degree Cup

When: July 08, 2017

Where: Phoenix, AZ

The second annual 710 Degree Cup invites you to join one of the biggest celebrations of medical marijuana in Arizona. The 710 Degree Cup is a great festival where you can meet local and national medical cannabis exhibitors, learn more about medical marijuana properties and health benefits, and simply have fun with your friends and like-minded people. There will also be live music, delicious local food, special contests and games, giveaways, and more.

For more details, go to 710 Degree Cup's webpage.

CannaDay Miami 2017

When: July 29, 2017

Where: Miami, FL

CannaDay Miami 2017 held by Florida Cannabis Association is a premier medical cannabis event for everyone who wants to know more about MMJ-related business. This event gives you a chance to learn from the best and meet the leading medical cannabis industry professionals and experts: physicians, caregivers, business owners, lawmakers, cultivators, and manufacturers.

The event will consist of three parts:

  • a large expo with a few dozens of vendors, both local and national;
  • four 90-minute-long educational sessions;
  • meeting with inspiring speakers and industry leaders.

For more details, go to the CannaDay Miami's website.

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