Apr 24, 2016 5:30 PM

10 Interesting Medical Cannabis Oil Facts

Have you ever wondered how to make medical cannabis oil? Which plant is better to use: marijuana or industrial hemp? Let us review the key facts about marijuana oil to get a clearer understanding of the problem.

1. The rebirth of industrial hemp in the U.S. was triggered by increasing interest in the medicinal potential of CBD.

2. Cannabis plants are classified into two key types—low resin hemp plants and high resin drug plants. Hemp plants are used for fiber and seed oil. Drug plants contain significant amounts of CBD, THC, or both.

3. Low-resin plants are not an optimal source of CBD-rich oil since they contain insufficient CBD.

4. American farmers are prohibited from growing high-resin CBD-rich plants by federal laws. These high-resin plants are much better suited for obtaining CBD-rich oil.

5. Federal regulations limit plant's THC content at 0.3 percent. This regulation is part of the general federal policy of blanket marijuana prohibition.

6. Colorado farmers are growing CBD-rich marijuana and calling it hemp. These so-called “hemp growers” typically harvest their crop early to minimize THC content.

7. Cross-border shipping and sale of Colorado cannabis oil products are banned by federal law. The legal status of CBD-rich oil is somewhat dubious. The prevailing opinion of experts seems to be that CBD-rich oil is illegal at the federal level; the legality at a state level varies depending on the state.

8. Some farmers in Kentucky operating under the auspices of a federally approved pilot program can breed, cultivate, and harvest industrial hemp, create new products, including CBD-rich oil concentrates, and transport these products across the state lines.

9. Some farmers in Canada and Europe are selling co-products of industrial hemp growing to businesses that specialize in extracting CBD, even though it is illegal.

10. Patients that have medical marijuana prescription need access to an entire spectrum of cannabis remedies, not just low-THC ones. According to several studies, CBD and THC can enhance each other’s therapeutic effects.

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