Jul 2, 2016 9:10 AM

10 Cannabis Strains to Help You Increase Productivity

For first-time cannabis users, especially for those who do not yet know the right dosage that would suit them the best, it may seem that marijuana cannot make them productive as the “stoney” feeling is way too strong.

However, the effect of marijuana may differ a lot depending on many factors, including the user's consuming experience, the quality of the weed, and, what is probably the most important, the strain. A new TCH and CBD ratio can make a huge difference in how you feel. You can overcome fatigue, writer's block, social anxiety, insomnia, and lack of motivation by choosing the right strain. And once you conquer your main enemy on the way to maximum productivity, you will be able to take the best of every situation, and as a result, you will succeed in whatever you are doing.

Here you will find ten strains that can help you boost your productivity and go successfully through your busy life reaping the fruits of whatever you are doing.

Jack Herer, the eleven-times winner of High Times Cannabis, might be the best option to increase your productivity. Indeed, it has very specific effects that present in the form of mind clarity and powerful productivity boost—so strong you will not be able to sit still unless you finish everything you have been postponing for so long. Apart from this, it also improves your creativity and mood, so no more sulky evenings or pessimistic attitudes toward your life.

Allen Wrench can be a great replacement for a morning cup of strong coffee. All the worries of yesterday or consequences of the sleepless night will go away already with the first puff. Depending on your goal, you may correlate the dosage to get the effect you want. With microdosing, Allen Wrench gives you an energy boost and a potent mental high that increases your creativity. With a bit bigger dose, you can calm down your worrying thoughts, feel relaxed and blissful.

Sour Poison is a great sativa-dominant strain with excellent genetics. This one you should dose carefully. With a few puffs, the pine and berry flavor will bring you a nice energy boost, you may feel uplifted and highly motivated to do whatever challenges you. However, the more of this magic remedy you inhale, the more relaxed and lazy you may feel. So, you had better know when to stop.

Cinex will ease your pain and discomfort and let you work with your mind open and your body relaxed. It hits you quite strongly from the very beginning but quickly turns into a productive high. With its sweet, citrusy earth aroma, Cinex can help you forget about problems and, instead, to concentrate on what you are doing.

Durban Poison is so strong that even experienced smokers use it carefully. It can give that famous “speedy” feeling this strain is famous for. Be prepared to do not only what you were planning to but also all the things that coincidentally pop up in your mind. If you have no mood for doing housecleaning, this strain will give you more than enough enthusiasm to make everything shine.

White Haze, a sativa strain that won the 2002 Cannabis Cup, will save you from lazy mornings giving you a strong push and a boost of motivation to do your everyday routine. It is a nice option if you are procrastinating and cannot concentrate on your everyday tasks. The strain can also help you overcome stress and stop getting distractedfrom your job.

Laughing Buddha is another High Times Cannabis Cup winner. This sativa strain is a good choice for those who suffer from depression or stress. It will regulate your mood and give you the needful mental calm that would allow you to concentrate on your tasks. This strain is famous for bringing the optimistic and elated notes to your life.

Malawi is a sativa strain with a high THC level, up to 18%. It has a tropical fruit aroma and a nice spicy flavor. The high lasts up to two and a half hours, and it can be the most productive time of your day, as you will be filled with energy and elation. This is a good choice for the times when you need to finish your work, and the deadline is approaching.

Lemon Walker OG will help you stay active during the busy day. This hybrid strain has a clear, mild lemon flavor and an immediate effect. Just the first puff alone will make you more energetic, happy, and optimistic. The good thing is, it does not provide a sedative side-effect, so there is no risk to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Just do whatever you were planning to do, and this strain will give you the motivation to finish all the tasks.

Cracker Jack is a perfect fit for those who have a creative job. A high level of THC (up to 26%) can help you suppress anxiety and tension and instead concentrate on your daily job. This strain can also ease your body pain.

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