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10 Cannabis-Infused Edibles That Perfectly Fit Healthy Diet

A healthy lifestyle is not about eating carrots and lettuce instead of regular meals. It is about changing your diet towards more natural, organic products that contain less fat but more fiber, minerals, and vitamins. And cannabis stores a whole lot of beneficial elements that can improve your health and reduce everyday stress.

Not only can weed bring you euphoria and contentment, which is crucial for your well-being, it can also act as treatment for both body and mind. All the worries, stresses, and anxiety can damage our health not less (if not more) than viruses and malignant bacteria.

Combining a healthy lifestyle with the positive cannabis effect, you can reach your goals (health recovery, losing weight, or general change for a healthier life) faster and more efficiently. Though all edibles with cannabis have some beneficial effects, not all of them strictly fit into a healthy lifestyle. That is why here you will not find any information about sweet chocolate with weed or infused lollipops: why make your body addicted to refined sugar if you can enjoy other delicious meals that are healthier and better at supporting your overall vitality?

The good thing is, there is a wide choice of dietary foods today, even when we are talking about weed-infused items. More and more companies are starting to support people's urge to have a better life and a healthier way of living. Here are some products that would perfectly fit into your healthy diet plan and help you make your exercise more productive and your mood more stable and positive.

1. Nuts and cookies by Auntie Dolores

Auntie Dolores is one of the most popular marijuana edible brands in California, and you have probably already heard about them even if you live in another state. The company advocates “responsible consumption” and the freedom to choose how and with what we treat our mind and body.

The company decided to eliminate all the harmful ingredients in their production and use only “superfood ingredients,” including whole-plant extracted cannabinoids. Auntie Dolores offers several kinds of medicated nuts, cookies, corn, and brownies, all of which contain different amounts of TCH (from 30 mg to 200 mg) depending on one's needs.

2. Dry fruit by Craft Elixirs

If you want to control the THC intake strictly, you can try Craft Elixirs' dry candied fruit. Each portion contains about 1 mg of THC, so you can easily find the best dosage for yourself. After consuming it, you can expect effects to arrive within an hour. Dry lemons, limes, oranges, apples, grapefruit, and pineapples are good alternatives to the common infused sweets and pastry. They are all natural and artisanal, not to mention incredibly yummy, so you can use them as party treats or snacks during long hiking routes.

3. Infused puree by Fruit Slabs

Tired of seeing only sugar-containing pastry, Fruit Slabs decided to offer another kind of infused products made with 100-percent organic vegan ingredients. This is how The OG Mango (puree with fruit taste) and Mango Maui Wowie (puree with coconut flakes) appeared. Each slab contains 100 mg of THC and is laboratory-tested.

These slabs are a good option for those who do not want to consume unnecessary sugar or are vegan but still want to be medicated with a high-quality cannabis edible. This fruit leather can also be a nice option for those who want to pop something into their mouth on-the-go during the day or get some nutrients in after the workout.

4. THC truffles by Jambo Superfoods

Two years ago, Jambo Super Foods won the award at High Times Cannabis Cup for their herb-infused Cookie Dough Truffles. These treats became a real superfood during the Burning Man event, and since then, they have been at the top of the chart. It is good for making your mood more enthusiastic, whether you are working in an office or exploring the desert.

However, apart from truffles, the company has other healthy food to offer: infused ghee, honey buns with THC and CBD, mint potions with the herb, and coffee with 50 mg of CBD to start your day with a nice and uplifting feeling.

5. Granolas by Julie's Natural Edibles

Since Julie Dooley is a patient with celiac disease, she knows perfectly well how important it is to find a nice gluten-free product that will provide you with the most vital elements. She has two lines of edibles, recreational and medical marijuana, but all of them are absolutely refined sugar-free, containing natural sugar instead.

You can expect all the ingredients of Julie's granolas and seed mixes to be only natural and organic. They can include almonds, sunflower seeds or maple syrup. The cannabis they use is also organic and hand-picked. For every edible, they use different strains depending on the therapeutic qualities associated with them. If you do things with a lot of attention and love, as a result you have wonderful, delicious food that perfectly fits a healthy lifestyle.

6. Cookies by MoonMan's Mistress

Liz Rudner and Jamel Ramiro, the two behind the MoonMan's Mistress production, truly believe that eating intelligently is an art. Liz was diagnosed with celiac and Hashimoto's diseases over a decade ago, and that was why she started to look for food alternatives that could help her become healthier. That is how she became an expert in recipes that are suited for all kinds of diets and remain delicious.

Together with Jamel, who is an expert in fitness and nutrition, Liz decided to take their health mission towards creating products with medicinal marijuana that would calm the mind, nourish the body, and comfort the soul at the same time. All their food is 100-percent Paleo, non-GMO, soy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low on the glycemic index.

MoonMan's Mistress offers a line of five kinds of cookies, each infused with 25 milligrams of THC. All the ingredients are high-quality and truly organic. They include hemp seeds, coconut oil, almond flour, maple syrup, and pecans. Whatever your dietary restrictions and personal preferences are, you will be able to find a taste that tickles all your senses: Cosmic Cacao Peppermint Cookies, Chocolate Chip Crater Cookies, Lunar Lemon Maca Shortbread Cookies, Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes, or Trail Mix Super Nova Cookies.

7. Cannabis-infused edibles by Om Edibles

This all-female team offers a whole range of different products from bath bombs to puffed rice truffles. They believe that the medicinal value of cannabis is not only great by itself but can be even more efficient when combined with other healing herbs and “superfoods.”

That is why they try to make their products as healthy as it is only possible. Whether it is a delicious raw cacao medicated with ACDC flowers, medical cannabis olive oil or gluten-free, paleo, vegan vanilla treehugger with hemp seeds, everything fits into a healthy lifestyle.

8. Energy bars by Pura Vida Health

Trying to help their friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Pura Vida's curators decided to turn towards medical cannabis that had already shown good results relieving the symptoms associated with chemotherapy as well as many other illnesses. This is how Pura Vida edibles appeared: snacks with natural nutrients, organic cannabis, and antioxidants that provide patients with a healthy alternative or supplement to the common medicine.

All treats are sugar-free, so they will not cause damage to your health. On the contrary, they offer a great set of nutrients that can fuel your body throughout the day and save it from a number of negative symptoms.

9. Snacks by Sababa Snacks (Atlas Edibles)

All edibles by Sababa Snacks (that soon will be re-branded into Atlas Edibles) are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, and 100-percent organic, including the cannabis components. They use a special mix of sativa and indica strains, giving every cluster about 20 mg of THC, which makes it a total of 80 mg of THC per package.

These snacks can come in handy for athletes who want to have a nutritious bite after a workout. However, after Sababa Snacks had won the High Times Cannabis Cup (edible category), they became popular among all kinds of users.

10. Herbal tonics by Siddhi Bhang

Siddhi Bhang offers powerful herbal tonics (elixirs, capsules, topicals, and drink mixes) that contain cannabis. All products are based on old Ayurvedic formulas that are supposed to help amplify and harmonize the effects of marijuana.

Since Siddhi is aware of dietary and food sensitivities of their clients and try to make their products with only natural ingredients. They use gluten-free components and coconut palm sugar instead of regular refined sugar. Moreover, the company assures that all goods are made while reciting Vedic mantras, which provides them with unique healing properties for body, mind, and spirit.

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