Sep 25, 2016 9:15 AM

10 Best Cannabis Products for Ladies

Every lady wants to stay young and have an astonishing look at every age. The cannabis industry offers a great variety of care agents for all kinds of skin and hair. Although there are no significant differences between cosmetics for men and women, there are still some products that suit ladies better. Below are the top cannabis goods for female weed enthusiasts.

1. Whoopi and Maya, Soak

Soak by Whoopi and Maya is one of the best options for PMS relief. It contains cannabis along with naturally healing components.

2. The Weed Tampon

Weed tampons make you feel more comfortable during your period. Each suppository contains about 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD, providing relief even from the most painful period.

3. Bliss

Bliss is one of the most popular lubricants that contain natural ingredients. The lubricant can heighten a lady's sexual pleasure as well as relieve any pain and discomfort she may experience during sex.

4. Sexxpot Cannabis Strain

Do you want to experience new feelings while having sex? This strain was designed to help ladies achieve the best orgasms ever. The strain contains small amounts of THC, increasing your body’s sensations without making you too high.

5. Moxie Meds Tincture

This miracle bottle can relieve pain and calm your anxiety. Moreover, menopausal issues can be easily solved by the Moxie Meds tincture.

6. Treat Yourself Cherry Pop Tart

A vegan cherry pop tart is a yummy way to ease your menstrual cramps. Have a delicious snack and stay relaxed during your period.

7. Mary Jane’s Medicinals Salve

Although the product was not initially designed for women, the most benefits are usually experienced by ladies. The salve can help you with nerve damage, heal scarring and even burns from radiation.

8. Full Moon Women’s Balancing Elixir

Full Moon is another effective product for relieving your menstrual cramps. Full Moon provides physical and emotional balance during period, calming your excess emotions caused by pre-menstrual symptoms.

9. Whoopi & Maya, Relax

The tincture contains 100 mg of THC and quickly provides you with PMS and menstrual relief.

10. Foria Explore

Providing sensual enhancement, Foria Explore suppositories can also comfort you during anal play. Relaxed muscles and enhanced pleasure will bring unforgettable feelings to you and your partner.

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